Make your party more enjoyable with small shots of cold drink

Do you get tiny invasions when seek out to which some crave to purchase from the grocery shop, Tedi- Masti has plunged in and left people with no other choice. It’s flavoured with Indian zest and every bite becomes more crunchy. It’s the best friend of every hungry tummy.

This product is an excellent choice for those who crave for something spicy and something crunchy. This works as a tremendous indication of how to gratifying Indian spices are. The packet is filled up with crunchy stix of Tedi-masti.

Tedi- Masti stix are desiring snack that can be considerate and crispy with a good texture of flavour. It’s an excellent collaborator when you throw a party or leave for pilgrimage.  

It’s a pleasure to consume stix in different ways. Either eat it in the same manner or add on onions, tomato, chilli and lemon zest to turn it into something more lovable and mouth-watering. The flavour can be pretty unique but crunchiness remains similar.

You would adore to glimpsing Tedi-Masti crunchy and spicy. Possibly combining it with Soft Drink for an everlasting taste.

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