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Taggo -YoFun

Healthy, Tasty and exciting snacking for kids as well as older.

Taggo and Yo- Fun are more crunchy snacks for kids and elders.

Every snack-lover loves its richness of taste & variety of flavours under Yo-Fun. These products are high in demand. It’s a good option to buy to fill little tummies with delicious snacks.  This is what the eaters have been saying. These products include sweet, salty, spicy and savoury flavours.

These have a delightful flavour. Hence, it’s difficult to make a final decision which one is the best? These products are on heat. It’s surprising for many to taste the treasure with a cup of tea.

These are those savours that come across as have been existing for long time. These are exciting, health and tasty snacks. Without worrying you can offer it to anyone. These are the tastier possibilities.. It depends on you whether consume it regularly or often. But if you found the packet in front of you, nothing can stop you from eating. Completely made and seasoned well with the spices.

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